Pomp and Circumstance

(I originally published this post in 2013, but it still seems relevant.) Oddly enough, I was overlooked once again to serve as a commencement speaker this year. In fact, although I have been available most Spring weekends for the past few years, not one institution of higher learning […]

A Failure of Imagination

If the handling – or mishandling – of the pandemic by the Administration shows us one thing, it would surely be a lack of imagination. The question, “What if?” seems to have been banned from the White House in favor of the petulant “What for?” That seems to […]

Fake News!

We hear a lot about “fake news” these days, almost as if it is something new. But fake news has a long and glorious (sometimes hilarious) history in the United States. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but I doubt we are alone. One example […]

A True PR Fumble

You’ve probably never heard of Robert Morin, unless you live in New Hampshire. And maybe not even then. But Mr. Morin quite innocently sowed the seeds of a particularly egregious moment in PR history. Morin was born in Nashua, NH in 1938 to French-Canadian parents who toiled in […]

What Are We Really Measuring Here?

    This spring, I am teaching “Fundamentals of the Theory and Practice of Public Relations” to 32 students at Marist College. I recently invited Michael O’Brien of Ketchum to speak to the class about planning. Michael spoke eloquently on the subject, but I have to admit that […]

Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

On the anniversary of the 1987 market crash, I have a message:  An economic downturn is coming.  And it’s overdue. Anyone who has worked through a recession (and in my career, I went through four) knows how devastating its effects are.  Business starts to dry up.  Clients disappear.  […]