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A Look at the Club You’ll Probably Never Get to Join

  The recent spate of rail accidents such as the Norfolk Southern derailment in Ohio has led to speculation that the management of the nation’s railroads are underinvesting in maintenance and safety. If that turns out to be the case, I can think of one reason why. Early […]

Pomp and Circumstance

(I originally published this post in 2013, but it still seems relevant.) Oddly enough, I was overlooked once again to serve as a commencement speaker this year. In fact, although I have been available most Spring weekends for the past few years, not one institution of higher learning […]

A Failure of Imagination

If the handling – or mishandling – of the pandemic by the Administration shows us one thing, it would surely be a lack of imagination. The question, “What if?” seems to have been banned from the White House in favor of the petulant “What for?” That seems to […]

Fake News!

We hear a lot about “fake news” these days, almost as if it is something new. But fake news has a long and glorious (sometimes hilarious) history in the United States. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but I doubt we are alone. One example […]

A True PR Fumble

You’ve probably never heard of Robert Morin, unless you live in New Hampshire. And maybe not even then. But Mr. Morin quite innocently sowed the seeds of a particularly egregious moment in PR history. Morin was born in Nashua, NH in 1938 to French-Canadian parents who toiled in […]

What Are We Really Measuring Here?

    This spring, I am teaching “Fundamentals of the Theory and Practice of Public Relations” to 32 students at Marist College. I recently invited Michael O’Brien of Ketchum to speak to the class about planning. Michael spoke eloquently on the subject, but I have to admit that […]