Month: April 2013

“That is so five seconds ago!”

There’s a post rocketing around Facebook from Ragan’s PR Daily ( purporting to list the “ten signs you are an old-school PR pro.” As far as I can tell, it is being read and shared mainly by old-school PR pros. Anyway, I have reviewed the items on the list, […]

What Were They Thinking (WWTT)?

Thanks to the ups and downs of business cycles, most companies find themselves in the midst of constant change.  Whether to meet or exceed the expectations of ravenous shareholders or just to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the enterprise (or both), companies are always looking for ways to […]

Lessons from the White Board

For the last several years, I have had a white board in my office on which I have written a number of adages (currently 24) that have come to mean something to me over the years. The list changes now and then, with new entries supplanting older ones […]