Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

On the anniversary of the 1987 market crash, I have a message:  An economic downturn is coming.  And it’s overdue. Anyone who has worked through a recession (and in my career, I went through four) knows how devastating its effects are.  Business starts to dry up.  Clients disappear.  […]

“Have We Got a Deal For You!”

  When United Airlines gets tired of mugging its customers, they’ve always got their employees to batter. The latest news out of the Sears…er…Willis Tower (sorry, I still call 200 Park Avenue the Pan Am building) is that United’s executive brain trust tried to eliminate a longstanding performance […]

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Over the years, several of the agencies at which I worked took on controversial clients. Whether it was Big Tobacco or the Fur Council or Big Pharma to name a few, the argument has always been that any client deserves representation. We help them tell their stories and […]