Random PR Thoughts

It’s Thanksgiving…And I’m in the Mood…


I have a yearning.
You might say a burning,
It’s really a lust — oh so rude.
The smells of the kitchen
Are truly bewitchin’
And I’m in the mood for food.

I’m easy to please —
If it’s covered with cheese
No crudité’s ever too crude.
There’s nothing like pairing
A Ritz with some herring
‘Cuz I’m in the mood for food.

I don’t give a damn
If it’s beef, duck or lamb —
Don’t care if it once quacked or mooed.
There’s nothing but love in
A three-fifty oven
‘Cuz I’m in the mood for food.

I crave mashed potatoes
And pine for tomatoes –
Roasted or sundried or stewed.
Peaches in brandy
Would be simply dandy
‘Cuz I’m in the mood for food.

Sprouts – bean or Brussels
Or garlicky mussels
Never can be eschewed.
Venison jerky
And leftover turkey.
Oh I’m in the mood for food.

Cranberry jelly
A roasted pork belly
And ribs slowly barbecued.
Cherries you flambé
And chutney from Bombay —
I am in the mood for food.

Sauteed shitake
A spicy souvlaki
And chili with attitude
Gruyere soufflé
Chocolate pudding parfait
Oh dear — I’m in the mood for food.


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  1. This is WONDERFUL. I love it. Wish I had a big dinner to go to-I’d share it! Just Doug tomorrow. Cooking, eating drinking and movies on the schedule. 3-4 inches of snow tonight. Hope you have a lovely day and by all means feed that yearning for food! I love you, a

    On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 12:31 PM, Chris Atkins: Public Relations

  2. Hail to the poet
    So pithy and shrewd
    Thanks he gives plenty
    Wanting it all as if twenty
    ‘Cause his is a love for food

    Chris, thanks for bringing a smile and happy Thanksgiving

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